Taking your business or social enterprise to the next level can be a daunting experience


Forth Valley Chamber can provide access to an experienced Scottish business mentor who will share their experience and give impartial advice to help your business find its confidence and flourish.

Business mentoring can help with:

  • Business Strategy
  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Leadership skills
  • Innovation
  • International business knowledge
  • Export expertise


Scottish businesses or social enterprises who are generating a steady turnover with the potential to increase turnover growth by £200,000 or more over a 3 year period can apply

Business Mentoring is delivered by Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Scottish Enterprise

To find out more about Business Mentoring call us on 01324 665500 or complete the form at the bottom of the page


Mentoring Gave me the Confidence to Grow my Business

Participating in the business mentoring scheme was a necessary but daunting prospect.

It ‘s very isolating running your own business and there are times when you need the support of a mentor to bounce ideas off.

We initially met monthly on a one to one basis and came up with a set of goals for the business and a plan on how to achieve them, mentoring also gives you someone who will hold you accountable on the actions you take.

One of the key factors for me was succession planning, we created a training programme for our staff which gave them the opportunity to grow and be promoted within the company.  We also brought them into some of the mentoring sessions so they could get some experience and understanding of being self-employed, it also helped them feel valued and a real part of the company.

Since undertaking the mentoring scheme Moirs Cleaning has:

  • Tripled its turnover from commercial contracts
  • Continued to deliver a stable turnover in domestic contracts
  • Created a comprehensive training course and promoted staff from cleaning roles to office based roles.

Fresh Enterprise Coaching 

Offering support as a business mentor can be an incredibly rewarding experience and an opportunity to give back to the business community.

Business owners are generally highly motivated and skilled in how to set up a business and getting started. However, to effectively maintain and grow the business can be a demanding and isolating position.

Engaging with Moir’s as a business mentor was timely. Being supportive and through acting as a sounding board for Cariss, business mentoring enabled her to build confidence and create a vision of where the business could be and a plan of how to get there

Monthly meetings set progressive goals to achieve the business vision and as a mentor I was able to engage in aspects of challenge, create perspective and demand accountability on agreed goals. This process created momentum and as things progressed Cariss’s confidence to embrace change grew and we were able to create, trial and prototype some innovative processes to achieve the business vision.

Working in partnership with Cariss also assisted in developing leadership, creating employee empowerment and building confidence in the workforce eventually assimilating some key personnel in the mentoring process.

Over time the essential engagement of the mentor should contract as the owner develops and grows. The mentor can then be engaged on-demand when an external view may be beneficial.

It has been particularly rewarding to see Moir’s nominated and receive prestigious business awards recognizing their growth as an outcome of the process.

As a mentor there is also a reciprocal development opportunity, being challenged from a range of business perspectives and reflecting on your own thinking. I have no hesitation in recommending that established business leaders consider giving-back as a business mentor.

Bob McGowan

Fresh Enterprise Coaching

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