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Sod’s Law, Murphy’s Law, Fate, Chance or Probability, call it what you like. The first simple fact is; if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. The second simple fact is: when it does go wrong, it will go wrong at the worst possible time.

So, is the Universe conspiring against you and your business? No. The third simple fact is; there is never a good time for your business to experience a health and safety related incident.

Let me refer to a recent case: an untrained and poorly supervised porter is working night-shift within a ‘prestigious’ hotel. He makes an error in judgement. Consequently, a fire starts, and the hotel is quickly engulfed in flames. Two guests die and the main building is destroyed. Within minutes, families are left bereaved, employees are left without jobs, the business is left in ruins, and the blame game starts. Just another uneventful shift, on an uneventful night, with a devastating conclusion.

For the next three years, those involved in that incident lived through unbearable stress, sleepless nights, criminal investigations and criminal trials. Finally, the business faced a £500,000 fine, and had its reputation destroyed. The porter faced 300 hours of unpaid work, and was left with a criminal record and his life in ruins.

However, it could have been a lot worse for them:

· The company directors could have been banned from being directors.

· The managers and other employees could have been prosecuted.

· Prison sentences could have been handed down.

But the chances of this tragic event happening, could have easily been reduced, had the hotel owners and managers complied with existing health and safety law. Currently, businesses are required (as a minimum) to:

· Complete up-to-date and relevant risk assessments.

· Appoint a competent person to help the business comply with its health and safety obligations.

· Maintain, review and revise a fit for purpose health and safety management system.

· Provide employees with relevant training.

· Provide employees with the required personal protective equipment.

Other documentation, such as Safe Systems Of Work and Method Statements, may also be required.

Here at Velocity Scotland Ltd, we believe that prevention is better than cure. We believe that investment is better than being prosecuted, fined or worse. We believe that each and every aspect of health and safety established within a business, must be unique and bespoke to that business. That’s why we never use templates to create your risk assessments, health and safety management systems, safe systems of work etc.

We take the time to get to know your business, to understand your business and to work with your business. The one size fits all approach, doesn’t fit our approach.

Additionally, we look at the big picture, not just a few snapshots which are easy to deal with. We look at your Covid-19 risks, your operational risks, your housekeeping risks, your fleet transport risks, even your terrorism risks.

We understand that businesses create communities, and businesses drive communities. That is why we are offering businesses who are members of the Forth Valley Chamber Of Commerce, a very special offer.

Contact us and we will complete a free, no obligation assessment of your business’s health and safety arrangements. What’s more, rather than providing you with a brief email summary like most, we will provide you with a written report detailing the findings of your free, no obligation assessment.

Afterwards, you will be better placed to decide whether or not you need to invest in your business’s health and safety arrangements. Should you decide that investment is required, we will work with you to ensure that you enjoy the maximum return on your investment.

Whether it’s health and safety advice, guidance, a competent person service, or any of the other many health and safety services which we offer, you’ll be glad you said yes to our free assessment.

Contact us now:

Email -


Phone - Jim Bowles on 07704911947 or

Andrew Richardson on 07776 987503

Please note: this offer ends on the 30th June 2021. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice, should it be over-subscribed. We reserve the right to extend this offer to other businesses who are not members of the Forth Valley Chamber Of Commerce. The free health and safety assessment and associated report will not form part of your health and safety legal compliance. Should you decide to act upon the free assessment and associated report without the advice and guidance of Velocity Scotland Ltd, you do so at your own risk, and consequently, Velocity Scotland Ltd can bear no responsibility nor liability for any resulting or associated losses, incidents, non-compliance with health and safety legislation, and/or any resulting criminal prosecutions and/or civil litigation. Full terms and conditions are available from Velocity Scotland Ltd. Thank you for your understanding.

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